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Meet Me 

  My Vision

Letting you know about me is, I believe, important to be able to become friends. So, here I am.

There is an infinite amount of knowledge all around the planet and beyond, which is hard to touch; but there is enough for us to spend our entire life getting to know.

Now the question that pops up in my mind is – Do we really give importance to the topics that matter? Do we try to understand this existence or just roll with it?

The world is filled with people. It’s filled with identities, with beautiful minds and hearts, with hopes and dreams, and admiration;

It’s filled with words unspoken and ears with no time to listen to others.  

But their shells are shimmering bright and the silence is speaking out loud, lost in the crowd.

So, what is exactly missing? Why are we in such a hurry? Who loses in this and who gains?

I am a wonderer and a wanderer. I am carrying a bag full of questions and believe there are answers somewhere, in some form.

We just need the Eyes of Understanding…

Do you think it exists??

With innumerable questions in my mind, I’m on a quest for the answers.

Accompany me as I try to unravel this mystery.

But I’m sure that this is not enough to know about me. Get to know what brought me here and what I stand for.

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