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Fleeting Passion…


It was hard to catch…

And even though it was so important, it had the tendency to make itself invisible.

Passion – so strong, so attractive, so extremely meaningful; until one day, it begins to fade, without any reason.


She said that she felt empty, like something was missing. But she didn’t know what.

He had started becoming frustrated, because things were losing their meaning, and he did not know why.

It was so easily felt, but so hard to express, and even harder to understand. It’s this fleeting passion…gradually drifting away, because it did not get what it deserved. Because…other things became more important and worth spending time on.


What do you do when you lose your importance?

You cry, you feel hurt, your heart breaks, until one day…you decide to pick up your self-respect and leave.

Now, could you really blame somebody for doing that? We all possibly know how that feels; or maybe not…if you’re lucky enough.

This emptiness can be deadly, threatening, boring, numbing, and this frustration can be monstrous, repelling and hurting. It can leave us in the middle of nowhere; with nothing to begin with, and feeling the end being near.


Have you ever felt it? I know I have.

But it’s not really the end. The real passion never dies; it stays alive, but weak and fragile. All it needs is some love and affection, and it comes back strong.

This fleeting passion is dignified. It just needs a little bit of you to stay alive. Sometimes we just don’t try to dig deep, sometimes somebody else makes us realize what’s missing. And these ‘sometimes’, either of them, are enough to change our lives.

This fleeting passion…



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