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We don’t grow neatly and elegantly. We emerge twisted like the roots of a tree – crooked, rough and wild. But this nurtures a sturdy tree with lovely flowers and delicious fruits.

What strengthens us might not always be the best of experiences, but they find a way to help us grow.


Hello Reader!!
It’s a wonderful day for me, as you have come to meet me here.
To start from the very basic, I’m Sonia.

I dream too big and work quite slow.
I keep my hopes up and feel like giving up periodically.
I get really excited and then really low.
I’m mostly confused and sometimes absolutely sure.
I’m as common as a person can get, and as strange as a stranger can go.

When I was a little girl, I used to read short story books which always had some morals to teach. Slowly, as I grew up, I started falling in love with these stories that always offered a way to educate. I also was one of those very few students who loved moral science as a subject. And soon, this habit of looking for something to learn from, became a part of my existence, giving birth to an ever-growing pursuit of insight.

People around me, my family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers came into my life, leaving an imprint, be it positive or negative. It is as if they come into my life to teach something; to show a glimpse of what I have overlooked. And all this formed my identity.

As impossible as it is, there is a part of me which feels like reading people too – to read what they are like, what they want, what they have in mind; so that I can see the world through their perspective and broaden my own point of view.

I can’t really read people, but I can try. I try to understand them by listening to them, asking them questions, and observing them; and as I try to do this, there is plenty of knowledge to gain from their experience and enough force to provoke a storm in my head.

I’m here to share all of this with you.
I’m here to share the little knowledge that I have right now and also my journey to gain more.

This blog holds my experiences, doubts, emotions, questions, and how I meet the world. I am pushing through time and space and trying to understand how things take shape.

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Join me on this journey and get inspired to learn more.

My Vision

If you have any opinion to share or questions to ask, please feel free to comment or contact me.

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