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What a beautiful world it would be, where people see one another as souls worth understanding and hearts worth connecting with.

What kind of peace would it be in a world that breathes empathy?  

It took me a long while to understand what my vision is and I know there are way too many people who still don’t know theirs, and yet many more who probably don’t even care to know what a vision is.

It has always been bugging me how people decide what to do in their lives and how to lead their life.

Humans have existed for millions of years in various forms and have evolved into a miracle. During this span of time, we have advanced in many directions – science, religion, humanism, psychology, philosophy, peace, and yes, war.

All of us have studied in school. We have read about great revolutions, fights for independence, the era of colonization, and two world wars; and all of these wars have had a history that preceded it and followed it.

Now the question that constantly haunted me, and still does, is ‘WHY’?

Why did it happen? Why did it even start??

All these revolutions I came across had a reason, and mostly a valid reason.

If you are being held captivated.

If you are made a slave against your will.

If your freedom if barred.

What will you do? Either make it change or give in to it.

It is the same story of the past and the present. There are many people, many states and many countries still fighting for their freedom.

So, here is a thought that rose in my mind – What if the oppressors put themselves in the shoes of their victims? Would they have dropped the idea of harming them?

What if all the colonizers could see through the eyes of the slaves? Would they have changed their mind? and

What if the great conquerors didn’t conquerors but travelled for mutual benefit and harmony.

Would all this make a difference? I don’t exactly have an answer but believe that it could have been marvellous. Unfortunately, we can’t change the past, but what about the present?

There a race for power then and there exists a race for it now.

Who scores better than whom?

Who is the coolest in a group and who is a dowdy?

Who earns more salary and who is rejected mostly?

These competitions are said to decide your life for you. We are born and bred in a competitive world. Call it a healthy competition or not.

There are 7.6 billion people in the world and I’m sure most of them are judged without being understood or accepted because that’s what I see all around me.

What my vision stands for:

I want to see a world where people give each other a chance, empathies, understand and communicate to solve the matters before jumping into action. 

I’m not sure if this can happen in my lifetime, but I’ll try and do what I can.

Join me on this journey to the centre of the heart and mind, as I learn from my surroundings, make sense out of it, and bring you closer to me and others.

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