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The I of the Darkness



The I of the darkness,

The secrets it holds,

The deep chasm of thoughts,

Which swallows it all,

Some run away, some gravitate,

The others left, won’t know.

While some carry a bright sun in their eyes,

Some of us carry a night in them,

The brightness can’t deny the need,

And the dark can’t deny what it feels,

This calm that each holds.

There are people outside,

Some say truth, some breath out lies,

As the ears bleed and hurt,

And the heart flees the sight,

There is still hope.

Some decide to stay, some leave,

Who is to blame? You or Me?

When the days come to an end,

There will be some still standing out there,

A hand is always held out,

Either mine or the other that drowned.

As the world looks on to the future,

And weaves a plan in its head,

I’ll be holding out some shadow,

If staying shiny hurts you,

Some calm, some stillness and silence of dawn,

Some smile, some tears, some hope, some fears…

In case you run out of any,

There’s always a place to come,

There’ll be a little bit of you, a little bit of us,

And the I of the darkness…

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