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Wander Off

Do you see me?

The eye of the sky was big and dark,

Dilated pupil looked at me so hard,

I’m alive, I’m alive,

I’m not that far,

I’m a ghost, I am lost,

But am I a lost cause?

There are men in my ears,

and pain in my mind,

They’re speaking of the rules,

Speaking of the other side.

Hundreds of thoughts, floatin’ in ‘n out,

The hole was not whole, but only a part,

The diving soul swam in deep,

Deep in that crooked heart.


Do you see? Do you see me?

I’m old, I’m a mold,

They don’t come in same shapes,

One selfless little deed, and a thousand other blames,

There were moments of awe, and moments we fought,

That is where I stop, and where I fall,

That’s where I…where I wander off.

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  1. Shubham Singh

    Your work is not really easy to understand

    May be i am very young to understand these

    Or your pain is really deep where I can’t dive.

    Beautiful work with a lot of thinking involved

  2. Harish Sharma

    This seems like a cocktail of words to make ur feeling clear…Nice observation of nature.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

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